A Touch of Chinese in the Golden Lace Qi Pao

Golden Lace Qi Pao dress

Last Sunday February 18, 2007 was the beginning of the New Year for the Chinese community. After 600 years this is again the time when the year of the golden pig fell upon us. Well, along with the Chinese New Year comes some Chinese fashion trend that maybe you, even if you are not a Chinese, would like to try on. Take this Golden Lace Qi Pao dress for example. This is a unique and really attractive mandarin style dress that’s designed using silk.

Its golden color is not a loud one and is not too bright for the eyes. Of course like most Chinese dresses it also features a touch of lace. In keeping with the golden silk, the lining is in gold and shimmering peach. If you have this dress on you will be a real head-turner – the girl in the golden dress. Like the dramatic effect? Get one of these from Ancient Mood for just $79.90.

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