Be Captivated with Dior Pretty Charms

Dior Charms

If you canít get enough of the trinkets you see on shop windows, maybe you should try the Designer labels. For sure youíll find something youíd like if you looked hard enough . . . and without spending a lot of cash. This is what I did and look what I found from Dior Ė the Dior Pretty Charms for $55!

It is just so pretty that I canít help myself from sharing it with you. It even makes me glad just to look at it, seeing its lovely design of polished silver metal heart-shaped locket adorned with delicate crystal pearl drops appended on a round link chain. What more if you can get to use it? From being a charm, the heart-shaped locket opens to reveal lipstick and silvery gloss. If you forgot to bring your lipstick no fear so long as you have this Dior Charm!

Iím pretty sure that if you wear one, people canít help but notice it. It will be an eye-catcher no matter kind of outfit you wear. Youíll agree that itís really a dreamy little charm.

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