Floral Cosmetics Bags by Kate Spade

Floral Cosmetics Bags

Lipstick, powder, eye shadow, blusher, mascara and the whole make-up kit, anyone? I know a lot of women cannot do without their beauty kits, and that includes me. Though sometimes my bag gets so crammed because I just stash everything in there and the contents just have to find their own place inside. Iím quite sure Iím not alone with this kind of habit, right girls?

But if you really love to bring loads of cosmetics then you must have a separate bag for them, like this Kate Spade Floral Cosmetics Bags. You can have more fun being utterly feminine once you have this designer bag. These two bags can be purchased individually. One of the bags called the floral large Manuela and the other one is floral large Heddy.

All in all, the bag looks great and extremely eye-catching with the white with hot pink/olive abstract ďAbbevilleĒ floral print. Its glossy plastic overlay makes it less likely to accommodate dirt and can be cleaned easily. These bags have extremely roomy interior so you can carry all the cosmetics you want anywhere you go.

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