Haba Na Haba for Your Home

Haba Na Haba pillow cover

Living rooms will not feel that homey or cozy if the sofas do not have cushions. I think the presence of cushions give you that urge to just curl up on the sofa and relax for a bit. If you want to have really unique-looking cushions to grace your living room sets then you have to check out the Haba Na Haba home decors.

The products of this line make use of one of a kind traditional and new vintage Kuba ceremonial cloth that are hand woven by women fleeing the war-torn country of Congo.

Photo of one of Haba Na Haba pillows

This home décor line is not just any other kind of enterprise because the proceeds from the products go to help out the Congolese women and their children. Haba Na Haba with its Tanzanian partner ensures that the proceeds really go for a good cause.

So if you like unique traditional abstract design, don’t forget to check out this new home décor line. You don’t get superb products but you also extend help to that part of the world.

By the way, Haba Na Haba is a Swahili proverb that means “little by little, fills the pot”.

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