Flower Arranging Tips

Flower Arranging Tips

Flowers can create a huge change in you home. They do not only make your home more attractive, but relaxing, too. The sight of flowers, beautifully arranged in a vase can reduce your stress and make you forget your worries and problems at least for a short time. Arranging them yourself can be of greater help to you. Itís fun and a good way to release your tension, of expressing yourself, and bringing out your creativity.

To help you start, here are some tips I gathered from experts:

1. Pick flowers to be arranged early in the morning or late at night as their stems are filled with water during these times.

2. As soon as you have cut the stems (cut them under water), place the flowers in water immediately. Let it stay there for five hours at least; if possible, let it stay in the water overnight.

3. If you are using old plastic buckets and vases, make sure you clean them thoroughly before you arrange fresh flowers inside as the bacteria from the old flowers can cause the new ones to fade and die more quickly.

4. Do not just run tap water over the floral foam, instead soak it in a bucket or a bowl filled with water. Use green water-retaining foam for fresh flowers.

5. The foam must be an inch higher than the rim of the vase or container so that the flowers wonít look unnaturally stiff.

By Khristine

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