111 Ways to Wear Boots this Winter


As the winters march on, designers storm their brains to introduce new fashion.
Boots are an absolute must addition, aren’t they? Now, mix up the style of boots with one of your skirts to become a fashion diva among your friends!

London saw leather skirts with pleats that fall to the knees. Others, however, went on for more trendy styles: skirts stopping at mid thigh level, topped with a scarf knotted around the neck, with boots long enough to reach the thighs. Still more have used skirts with belts running along one side.

Let’s speak conclusively: imagine any skirt and you can wear it over your long boots. Designers have given frock-like pleated skirts at one end and tight, body hugging ones at the other. Did someone say eleven ways to wear skirts on top of boots? It must be one hundred and eleven ways this winter! Just go for it and be adventurous!