Star Academy 10 Prime 7 Featuring Ramy Ayach

Ramy Ayach

The prime kicked off with a patriotic song by Ramy Ayach.
Then it was a tableau featuring Laith as a Pharaoh.
The nominees were up next ... Rayan, Kenza and Abdel Salam did their best, in what might be the last performance of one of them on the stage of Star Academy.

The second guest of tonight's prime, Carole Sakr, is up next and with her sings Lea.

After the break, Rita and Mina share a tableau. Rita sings Nancy Ajram's song "Sheikh El Shabab".


Ramy Ayach sings again, this time accompanied by Ibtisam.

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Starac Arabia 6th Week Nominees

Starac Arabia 6th Week Nominees

The nominees of this week of Star Academy Arabia are:

- Abdul Salam from Kuwait
- Kenza from Algeria
- Rayan from Saudi Arabia

Do you think this nomination is fair?
Who do you think will be leaving the Academy this Friday?
My guess would be Rayan from Saudi Arabia will be given the boot!

Starac 10 - Prime 6 - Top 5: Mabrook Ghada


The Top 5 students for this week of Star Academy Arabia are:

5. Rayan from Saudi Arabia
4. Mina from Egypt
3. Elie from Lebanon
2. Mohammad Shaheen from Egypt
1. Ghada from Tunisia

Mabrook ... and she wins a trip to Aqaba, Jordan and a two-day stay at the Kempinski and she gets to take her sweetheart Marcelino with her!!!

Star Academy 10 Prime 6 Featuring Joseph Attieh

The prime tonight kicked off with a performance from the guest, Starac's very own Joseph Attieh, with Elie and Mohammad.

After the break, once again Mohammad and Elie sing together in a tableau inspired by Venice and it's famous masquerades.

Next up are the nominees. The three chosen ones perform a song each, their last chance at gaining more votes ...
Shireen starts and sings a classic by Um Kulthoum ... she was great!
Ismail is next and he sings "Gatalouni 3iouna El Soud" by Wadih El Safi.
He sang very well and got praised by the judges.
As for Ibtisam, she went last and according to Mme. Mahfouth & Amir she has shown improvement and is learning a lot and is doing better.

The second guest of the night is also a Star Academy graduate; Amal Bouchoucha. She is joined by Kenza, since both are from Algeria they sing the famous song "Wahran".

Lea Makhoul

Lea sings "Because of You" by Reba McEntire, after the break.

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Starac Arabia 5th Week Nominees

Starac Arabia 5th Week Nominees

The nominees of the 5th week of Star Academy Arabia are:

- Ibtisam from Morocco
- Ismail from Syria
- Shireen from Egypt

Do you think this nomination is fair?
Has this really reflected their performance during the prime and how they actually did in the weekly eval?

Who will you be voting for?

Starac 10 - Prime 5 - Top 5


The best bunch of Starac 10 students this week are:

5. Mohammad Shaheen
4. Ibtisam
3. Rita
2. Kinza
1. Elie!

Elie was the best in last Friday's prime and did very well in the weekly evaluation.
He wins a trip to Istanbul! Mabrook!

Star Academy 10 Prime 5

My review tonight will be different ... I feel like using bullet points this time!
So let's start at the beginning:


- Latifah is the guest and she's looking significantly younger! The miracle of plastic surgery!
- Latifah is joined by Rita and they both sing Latifah's song "Ba77a Ba77a".
- Mohammad Shaheen was in the middle of a beautiful tableau inspired by "Qasr El Shouq".
- Under pressure, it seems the nominees perform better!
- Doaa sings Arabic for the very first time ... she was way out of tune!
- Former Starac student Fadi Andraous is the second guest of the prime, and he was joined by Laith for a duetto.

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Starac Arabia 4th Week Nominees

Starac Arabia 4th Week Nominees

The nominees this week on Star Academy 10 are:

- Rayan
- Doaa
- Mina

Do you think this is a strategy to get rid of one Egyptian? Since they've put two Egyptian and a Saudi together, this means the votes of Egyptians will be divided ...

Do you think this nomination is fair?

Who will you be voting for?

Star Academy 10 Prime 4

The fourth prime of Star Academy Arabia 10 kicked off with a joint performance from Kathem Al Saher and Mohammad Shaheen. The duo sang a bundle of some of Kathem's famous songs, old and new.

The first tableau of the night is from both Ghada and Shireen of Aline Khalaf's song "Lali Leh".

Shireen and Ghada

As for the nominees, it's early in the prime that they join the students on stage.
Ali sings "Mamnounak" by Melhem Zain.
Next, Doaa sings Broken-Hearted Girl by Beyonce.
Ismail sings "Ya Mal El Sham" by the legend Sabah Fakhri.

After the break, Mina sings Amr Diab's famous song "El 3alem Allah".

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Star Academy 10 Next Guest: Kathem Al Saher

If you're interested in knowing who the fourth guest of Star Academy 10 is, he is Iraqi mega star, Kathem Al Saher.
Next Thursday and in the 4th prime, Kathem will be singing a few of his famous songs with the contestants ... should be interesting.

Kathem Al Saher

Star Academy 10 Prime 3

The guest this week is Syrian star Asalah and the prime kicked off with a performance from the diva joined by Tunisian student Ghada.

After the break, Elie and Mina share the spotlight in a Wild West tableau and they sing "Tahoon" which is a classic song composed by Elias Rahbani.

The three nominees get up on stage and sing ... after which they received comments and criticism from the teachers and judges.

After the break, Kinza is in the center of a tableau and she sings "3ala Bali".

"Tel3et Ya Ma7la Nourha"and "Khatrna 3ala Balak" are next , performed by Ismail, Mohammad Shaheen and Laith.

Twitter Mirror

During the prime, Hilda announces that Twitter has given the priority to Star Academy in the Middle East to use their newest service "Twitter Mirror" ... and she does indeed take a photo of herself with the audience in the back ...

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Starac 10: And The Nominees This Week Are ...

And The Nominees This Week Are ...

This week the nominees of Star Academy 10 are three boys ...

- Ali Shadad from Lebanon
- Mohammad Hussein from Egypt
- Abdul Salam from Kuwait

Which will be crying this Thursday night?

Do you think the choices are fair? Or should there have been a girl among the nominees this week?