Star Academy Arabia 10 Finale

The finale tonight is laced with Christmas celebrations and the prime kicks off with Christmas songs and carols.

Tonight, all the students of Star Academy 10 have reunited to share the stage once more with the three finalists; Ghada, Lea and M. Shaheen.

The first performance is from Assi Hillani and he's joined by Laith and Ismail as they sing "Ya Tair".

Star Academy Arabia Finale

Then it was time for the finalists to come up on stage and perform.
Lea sang "Someone like you".
M. Shaheen sang Sayed Makkawi's song "Awati Bti7law".
And Ghada sang "Ytafou Eshams".

The second guest of the night, Mohammad Hamaki, is up on stage now.
He sings his famous and funky song.

After the break, Assi Hillani and Ali sing together on stage.

M. Shaheen sings a song about Egypt and the tableau is breathtaking, because there's a miniature Sphinx made of mirrors on stage.

Hamaki is up on stage again, this time singing with him are Mina and M. Hussein.

Ghada takes to the stage and is the center of a tableau and sings "Taa Taa Khabik".

Assi is up on stage yet again and sings his newest song "Donia" exclusively on Starac.

Abdel Salam and Elie join forces to perform a duetto together on stage.

Lea now takes to the stage and sings Madonna's song "Vogue".

Elie, Laith, Mina and Ali sing "Jay Maa Eshaab El Miskin".
It's a wish for peace to prevail and for the hunger and poverty to seize existing in the world.

The girls of the academy sing together ... then Hamaki is up on stage yet again, this time singing another funky song and joining him is fellow Egyptian Mina.

The most important moment of the night is coming up ... Who will be the winner of season 10? Will it be Lea? Ghada? or M. Shaheen?

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