Star Academy 10 Prime 13 ft. Nawal Zoghbi

The 12th prime of Star Academy Arabia kicked off tonight with a performance from Lebanese singer Nawal Zoghbi, accompanied by Tunisian student Ghada.

Lea and the Cobras

After the first break, the largest Cobras you've ever seen are on stage! And a midst them is Lea ... she performs Shakira's song "Ojos Así" (Eyes Like Those).

The nominees tonight are Algerian Kenza and Egyptian Mina ... Who will leave? We'll sure know by the end of the night!

Oh! Just a quick question ... why has Hilda stopped snapping photos of her and the guest stars for Twitter Mirror suddenly??? Does anyone know???

After the break, Kenza is in the middle of a rainy tableau.

Starac's very own Saad Ramadan is up next.

After the break, it's another tableau, but this time M. Shaheen is the performer.

The night's guest, Nawal is up on stage next and this time she is accompanied by Kenza.

After the break, Elie sings one of Elias Rahbani's classics in a beautiful tableau.

Saad Ramadan is up again. Nominee Mina shares the stage with him.

Starac 9 winner, Mahmoud Mohy made a special appearance tonight and performed his first single LIVE on stage.

Students Mothers

Mina and M. Shaheen's mothers come up on stage and surprise their boys with an unexpected visit.

After the break, Nawal performs her newest single.

As for the results, the nominee with the least number of audience votes, the unlucky student to be leaving the Academy tonight is ... Kenza ... Hard Luck.
Mina on the other hand, continues his journey in Star Academy for at least another week!

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