Star Academy 10 Prime 9 Ft. Carole Samaha

Kenza and Carole Samaha

The prime kicked off with a performance from Carole Samaha and Kenza ... they complemented each other very well and Kenza was really up to the standards of Carole.

Then the first tableau flew us all to Mexico ... with Lea singing and dancing and giving us an idea of what love on the Mexican way looks like! I loved the tableau and thought Lea did a job.

The two nominees went up on stage, Shireen sang a classic Um Kultoum song and then Laith sang Melhem Barakat's famous song "3ala Babi Waef Amarein".

They both performed well and impressed the jury.

The second guest of the night, Saad Lemjarrad is up next and sings with Abdel Salam by his side.

After the break, Ibtisam sings Shireen's song "Ana Mish Bitaet El Kalam Da".

Mina is up next and he's accompanied by Hadi Shararah on the piano, as he sings a medley of "Zurouni Koli Sanna Marra" and "Kol Ma Agoul Ettouba".

Carole Samaha is up on stage again, this time nominee Shireen sings with her.

Saad is up on stage again and this time Mohammad shares stage space with him.

After the break, Elie is the star of a 70's tableau and sings "Umi Tanuros Ya Sabiyeh".

Ibtisam takes center stage this time, to sing a salute to Morocco.

As for the Top 1 student this week, it's Mina, again!
He wins a trip to Abu Dhabi.
And then some other students (Ibtisam, Kenza and Ghada) get a surprise; a visit from their mothers.

After the break, Carole performs solo in a tableau just for her.

As for the results, the audience has the final word this week ... and the one who gets the majority of votes is Laith from Palestine. Hard Luck Shireen.

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