Star Academy 10 Prime 12: A Salute to Sabah

A Salute to Sabah

The Starac prime tonight hosts two stars, Tunisian megastar Saber Rebai and Syrian singer Rouwaida Attieh.
And the prime kicks off with a tribute for the legendary Lebanese singer Sabah, who passed away yesterday morning.
Saber Rebai shared the spotlight in this tribute with the remaining students.

After the first break, Kenza and Ibtisam share a tableau and then the two nominees, Ghada and Ibtisam perform.

Saber Rebai is up on stage again and with him sings Mohammad Shaheen.

After another break, Mina is the star of a tableau and sings an oldie by Amr Diab.

Lea and the gang

Rouwaida Attieh performs one of her newest songs on stage and then Lea is the star of a Coca Cola tableau, in which all her friends participate as well.

Then Saber performs a Khaliji song and is accompanied by two students.

Rouwaida joins Kenza on stage and they perform together.

Elie is now taking us to Spain, in a Spanish tableau and sings "Viva Espana".

Again, Rouwaida is up on stage and is accompanied this time by nominee Ghada.

Saber performs on stage for the last time. And then Rouwaida joins the students in a tribute to Sabah.

As for the results ... The girl with the most audience votes and who will continue her Starac adventure is Ghada from Tunisia.
Hard Luck Ibtisam.

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