Star Academy 10 Prime 10 Ft. Haifa Wehbe

The 10th prime of Star Academy Arabia kicks off with the usual theme song and a group performance from the remaining 9 students ... but I guess everyone has been waiting for this prime in particular, not for the students, but for the guest, which is Haifa Wehbe!

Star Academy 10 Prime 10 Ft. Haifa Wehbe

What will Haifa be wearing tonight? With whom and what will she perform?
Do you think her fashion is more interesting than her singing?!

The nominees this week are Laith and Abdul Salam ... who will be given the boot tonight?

Haifa jump starts the night, which an exclusive "playback" performance of her newest single "Oppa".

And getting back to her fashion, she's wearing a see through, snake-skin, black gown ... which I am sure she's not wearing anything what so ever under.

After the break, Ibtisam and Mohammad perform the night's first tableau.

The two nominees are up next ... Laith sings "زرعنا تلالك يا بلادي".
Then Abdul Salam chooses to sing "زيديني عشقاً".

The second guest of the prime, Moroccan singer Chawki, sings the original song "Feel the magic in the air" with Lea.

After the break, Mina sings "كل القصايد" in a tableau set among books and library shelves.

Haifa is up on stage again, this time she also sings "playback" but is accompanied by Ibtisam and Kenza.

Chawki is up on stage again, this time singing "It's my life" with Elie.

Lea gets another tableau all to herself and she sings Beyonce's famous song "Crazy".

Next Ghada and Elie perform together "دبكة".

The Top 3 students this week are:
3. Lea
2. Mohammad
1. Kenza ... Mabrook! She wins a trip to Madrid! Ole!

Haifa is up on stage again, this time in a cute pink gown ... and she is accompanied by Ghada.

As for the results, the nominee to get the majority of audience votes is ... Abdul Salam.
Hard luck to Laith ...

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