Ibtisam and Ghada Starac Nominees

Ibtisam and Ghada

The two nominees of this week of Star Academy Arabia are two girls from North Africa:

- Ghada from Tunisia
- Ibtisam from Morocco

Do you think this choice is fair?
Which if the girls has more of a chance to stay in the Academy? Could it be the Haifa look-alike Ibtisam ... or Ghada ... who definitely has a better voice than Ibtisam?!

What do you really and honestly think? What I think is after the jump ...

I think that Ibtisam will be getting the majority of votes because she's got the look and is a Haifa wanna-be ... while Ghada, who has one of the best and strongest voices in the academy will be given the boot ... because she's just not that hot! And I'm hoping I am wrong about this!

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