Star Academy 10 Prime 8 Ft. Faudel and Yara

Ibtisam and Yara

The prime tonight kicked off with a performance of "Maghroum" from Yara and Ibtisam.
Then after the first break, which came quickly, it was time for Lea to perform "Eye of the tiger" in a tableau saluting Rocky.

The nominees have come up on stage ... Elie starts off with a Saber Rebai song.
Then Rita sings and Abdul Salam follows with a Khaliji song.

The second guest of the night, Faudel, is up on stage next and he is accompanied by Ghada for the song "Ainak".

After the break, Kenza performs Farid Al Atrash's song "Albi w Muftaho" in a golden tableau.

Next up are Mina and Mohammad ... they sing Mohammad Abdel Mutaleb's famous song "Ma Biesaalshi Alia Abadan".

Yara performs again, this time with Shireen.

After the break, Laith gets his chance to perform in a tableau, he sings "Ma Tahki".

Faudel performs solo this time. He sings one of his oldies, "Tellement N'Brick".

After the break, Elie is joined by monkeys in a funny tableau; The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

Then Mohammad gets a chance to sing with Faudel, this time the duo sing "Ellela".

And just as Yara started the night, she brings it to an end with a solo performance of "Ah Minnak Ya Hawa".

As for the results, the audience voting saves Abdul Salam.
And the students have to choose between two Lebanese contestants ... and they choose to bring back Elie ... and Rita gets the boot! Hard Luck!

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