Star Academy 10 Prime 7 Featuring Ramy Ayach

Ramy Ayach

The prime kicked off with a patriotic song by Ramy Ayach.
Then it was a tableau featuring Laith as a Pharaoh.
The nominees were up next ... Rayan, Kenza and Abdel Salam did their best, in what might be the last performance of one of them on the stage of Star Academy.

The second guest of tonight's prime, Carole Sakr, is up next and with her sings Lea.

After the break, Rita and Mina share a tableau. Rita sings Nancy Ajram's song "Sheikh El Shabab".


Ramy Ayach sings again, this time accompanied by Ibtisam.

After the break, Kenza takes center stage in a sparkling tableau.

Ghada is up next and she sings a song by the famous Samira Tawfiq.

Lea takes center stage this time in a tribute to the great singer Dalida.

Shireen, Mina and Elie gather on stage and sing a trio of songs by Abdel Halim.

Shireen, Mina and Elie

After the break, Carole Sakr performs her song "Ghaltan Kteer" in a tableau.

The last performance of the night is by Ramy Ayach and Mohammad Shaheen.

As for the results, the votes bring back Abdel Salam from Kuwait with a bit more than 47%.
The students give a second chance to Kenza and give Rayan the boot! Hard Luck!

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