Star Academy 10 Prime 6 Featuring Joseph Attieh

The prime tonight kicked off with a performance from the guest, Starac's very own Joseph Attieh, with Elie and Mohammad.

After the break, once again Mohammad and Elie sing together in a tableau inspired by Venice and it's famous masquerades.

Next up are the nominees. The three chosen ones perform a song each, their last chance at gaining more votes ...
Shireen starts and sings a classic by Um Kulthoum ... she was great!
Ismail is next and he sings "Gatalouni 3iouna El Soud" by Wadih El Safi.
He sang very well and got praised by the judges.
As for Ibtisam, she went last and according to Mme. Mahfouth & Amir she has shown improvement and is learning a lot and is doing better.

The second guest of the night is also a Star Academy graduate; Amal Bouchoucha. She is joined by Kenza, since both are from Algeria they sing the famous song "Wahran".

Lea Makhoul

Lea sings "Because of You" by Reba McEntire, after the break.

Joseph Attieh performs on stage again, this time joined by Laith.

After the break, Rayan and Abdallah will be singing together.

The two boys sing Ibrahim Al Hakami's song "Ma Baddi Illak Shu Beni".

Next Amal Bouchoucha is up again and this time Ibtisam joins her on stage.

After the break, it's another tableau ... starring Mina and Rita.

Next Ghada sings a patriotic song and dedicates it to her country Tunisia.

Joseph Attieh performs for the last time tonight.

After the last break, the students all join forces to sing a song for hope and optimism.

Then it's time to see who the audiences chose to save this week!

The majority of votes (a whopping 75%) went to Ibtisam.
And now the students have to choose between Shireen and Ismail.
They chose to bring back Shireen and give Ismail the boot! Hard Luck!

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