Star Academy 9 Prime 13 LIVE

Star Academy Arabia's 13th prime in totally ON with Maya Diab and Cheb Faudel.

Faudel and Maya Diab

Maya kicks off the night with a joint performance with tonight's nominee Rana.

After the break, the second nominee of the night, Abdallah, takes us to Africa with a Lion King inspired tableau fit for Broadway!

Lion King tableau

The nominees are now up on stage to sing; Rana starts off and stuns the teachers with her near perfect performance. Abdallah follows with "Tayyara".

Now, the second guest of the night, Faudel, comes up on stage and sings "Je veux vivre".
After the break, Sukaina sings "It Must Be Love" is a jailhouse inspired tableau.

Fellow Moroccan, Zainab, takes to the stage and all spotlights are on her as she sings Umm Kulthoum's song "Hob Eh".

Maya Diab is up next and Jean shares the stage with her.
Maya sure knows how to turns heads, especially with her glittering jumpsuit!

After the break, Mahmoud & Zainab have the stage all to themselves to sing "Ta3ala 2ulak" by Abdel Halim & Shadia.

Maya Diab dress

Sukaina and Zainab get up on stage and share the spotlights with Faudel to sing one of his most famous songs (and one of my favorites) "Abdel Qader".
The girls seriously do a good job and it's a very entertaining trio!

After the break, Maya sings a song solo in a revealing, see-through dress ... which is never the less beautiful!

Jean and Mahmoud sing a medley of Amr Diab's songs together.

Faudel is up again and he sings one of his greatest hits; Tellement Je t'aime. Sukaina and Zainab sing with him again.

After the break, Rana takes center stage and sings Fairuz's song "Eh Fi Amal".

And the most important moment of the night, maybe of the week, has arrived and the votes will determine which nominee stays and which leaves ...
And the nominee that gets the majority of the audience voting is Rana.
Hard luck Abdallah ...

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