Star Academy 9 Prime 11 LIVE

Moen Sharif with Hilda on Starac

Kicking off the 11th prime is Egyptian singer Amal Maher, with Rana by her side to share a song with her, she looks like a giant!

After the break, we'll be whisked off to Japan with one of Elissar's tableau's! Surely magical!
Nothing says Japan like Cherry blossoms, a few Samurai's and a few Geisha's ... and in this tableau, Zainab and Sukaina sing Comme Toi.

The two nominees are up next. Abdallah sings one of Majid Al Muhandes' best songs, "Sa7arni 7alaha", while Musab sings Hatem Al Iraqi's song "She3loma". I think they both excelled in their performances tonight. Perfect!

Up next is Lebanese singer Moen Sharif. He sings his famous song "Sho byeshbahek teshreen".

Musab in the Souq

After the break, Musab is the "souq" singing "Mali Shughul Bil Souq" ... he sings Ilham Al Madfaai's song beautifully!

Amal Maher is up on stage again. This time Zainab sings with her.

The girls, Zainab, Rana and Sukaina sing "Ana B7ibak".

As for the Top 3 this week, they are:
3. Zainab
2. Jean
1. Mahmoud, and he wins a shopping spree .. and there's another prize, for all the students; next week there will be no nomination! No nominees next week! They can all relax for one week because there's no evaluation as well! Mabrook!

Moen Sharif

Moen Sharif is up next and Jean shares the spotlight with him. They sing "Baadak Metel Me Int".

After the break, Abdallah is transformed from a Saudi into a Yemeni! And sings Ragheb Alamah's song "Sir 7obbi". Lovely tableau!

Jean and Mahmoud sing Melhem Barakat's famous song together "Ta3a Ninsa".
Then Amal Maher is up on stage yet again ...

After the final break, Moen Sharif and Mahmoud count the stars! "3addet Nejmat El Sama" is simply a fantabulous song!

Sukaina is up next in tonight's final tableau; she sings Alicia Keys' song "Girl on Fire".

The final moment, the most important part of the night ... which nominee will be saved by the voting and which unlucky one will be given the boot?
Abdallah got a bit more than 52% of audience voting and thus Musab gets packing tonight and heads home to Jordan.

Watch Prime 11 here

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