Star Academy 9 Prime 10 LIVE

Star Academy 9 Prime 10 LIVE

The prime kicks off with a duet from the guest Marwan Khouri and Abdallah, "Albak 3ala Albi".
After the first break comes the first tableau. Musab is Ali Baba ... thus there are the 40 thieves as well! And inside the cave, there are the dancing beauties and Rana a midst them sings "Ali ya Ali". Abdallah also has a part and sings a few lines.

Then it's time for the nominees, Zaki & Rana, to come up on stage and sing their parts.
Ironically, the both did great and were fantastic on stage and their performance was near perfect.

Next, Egyptian singer Amina shares the stage with Zaki to sing her duet "Baladna". A song about both Egypt and Lebanon.

After the break, Sukaina will be singing "Impossible", so be ready!

Sarah Farah is up next! She sings "Taj 3a Rasi" with Rana.

After the break, Musab and Mahmoud sing together "Khayef nkoon 3shetek w Habaytek".

As for the Top 3 this week, they are:

3. Abdallah
2. Mahmoud
1. Zainab ... and she wins a trip to Moscow! She leaves immediately after the prime! Wow!

Marwan Khouri performs again.

After the break, it's a tribute to Farid Al Atrash. Jean, Musab, Mahmoud and Abdallah perform together some of his greatest songs.

Amina is back! This time Zainab sings with her.

After the break, we'll know who got the boot tonight!

Marwan Khouri performs for the last time and with him is Jean.

As for the results, the audience voting saves Rana with only a very slim difference.
Hard Luck to Zaki, whose journey in Star Academy has ended.

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