Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 61

So, what have the students of Star Academy been up to?
It seems the students are so bored that they decided to turn the academy into a circus! And Abdallah is the master of everything! Hes the animal trainer, magician and clown!

starac-d61.jStar Academy 9 Dailies Episode 61pg

The girls have an appointment with the hair stylists and Pantene!

Abdallah receives a mini helicopter, which he flies around the academy ...

Mme. Mary comes up to the girl's room with a pot and wakes them up with banging on the pot! It turns out it's already 10 and the girls are still asleep!

Rana and Musab seem to have some kinda problem.
Since Mme. Mary told the students that they have to be cleaner and clean up the academy around the clock, accusations started flying between the students.
And the fall out happened between Rana and Musab ... then they fight because Rana called him "hypocrite" and he called her "opportunist" ... Ouch!

In Milad Hadshiti's trademark class, Zaki seems to be very demotivated and unhappy. He shows up after being called from the bedroom but then retreats immediately.
After class, Musab goes to Zaki and speaks with him and tries to understand why he's feeling so blue.
Zaki feels that he hasn't found himself inside the academy and is feeling lost and angry.
Musab gives Zaki an encouraging pep talk ... maybe it'll work.

So, how did the nominees react to the nominations?
Everyone is trying to consolidate the two nominees, Rana and Zaki.
Rana then cries a river ... Zaki retreats to sit by himself.

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