Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 55

Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 55

A hair specialist drops by the academy to teach the students about their hair and how to use hair treatment by Pantene!

The teachers have a one on one with each nominee.
Lilia is told to have patience and do her best and to progress. She is also asked to pay more attention.
As for Sukaina, she's told to be more creative and brave and less shallow. She needs to dig deep to better her talent.
Mahmoud is asked to be more active and lively.

The students get another re-looking session!

No sleep in the academy for the students ... It's time for Harlem Shake!
After the shake, Musab takes the mic and starts his own radio show! He says, the girls drove him mad when they woke him up!
They did the deed, then went to sleep and Musab cannot sleep .. no way!
Rana starts a fight, but throwing water on Musab! He takes to the ketchup bottle and starts a counter attack.

Lili and Sukaina are hiding behind the coach and playing a scary game on Musab ... he freaked out and thought he was hearing paranormal noises!

He eventually finds out that the girls were trying to scare him. But it worked!

Mme. Mary Mahfouth gives the students some tip and much needed etiquette notes. And then gets down to the vocalize lesson.

She also had some special advice for Lilia; she did great in the lesson and her performance was "tres jolie" and she told her to pay attention and is very capable to achieve greatly.

Lilia feels the heat and is afraid that she's going to be the one leaving on Friday.

Lilia calls her mom for some strength and gets a lot of needed encouragement from her.
Mahmoud also calls his mom and gets an energy boost from her.

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