Sarah Farah Drops By at The Academy & Breaks Some Plates!

Sarah Farah Drops By at The Academy

Remember Sarah Farah? That Syrian girl with a loud mouth and a hot temper, from Star Academy 8?!
Sarah is going to be a gust on Star Academy 9 Prime 10 and she dropped by the academy to pay a visit to the students and walk down memory lane ... speaking of memories, do you remember when Sarah and lover boy Husam had a huge fight in the phone room? That was something unprecedented! It left a lasting impression on everyone ...

In all cases, let's let bygones be bygones ...
Sarah showed up at the Academy and brought some delicious sweets for the students.
They spent a couple of hours together, singing, playing, having fun and then devouring the sweets!
Sarah decided to end her visit on a "loud" note; breaking plates! Yup! She threw plates on the floor and broke them and the students joined in with the destruction! They sure had fun!

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