Star Academy 9 Prime 3 - LIVE

The third prime kicks off and the prime guest is non other than Haifa Wehbe!
She surprises and shocks her fans and audience with her outfits and performances.
The students, as usual, try to do their best and perform beautifully to impress both the judges and the voters!

Star Academy 9 nominees prime 3

The numerous portraits during the prime are sure to catch everyone's attention and make the night an extravaganza!

The nominees appeared on stage and each sang their part of the show and went down to sit to anticipate the results by the end of the night.

Tunisian contestant Lilia is not performing tonight as part of her punishment from the principle of the Academy for her impolite words about Haifa Wehbe!

Abdallah and Issa perform together and do well. Who do you think sings better, Abdallah or Issa??

Zainab and Maisa perform in a stunning tableau inspired by wine making and grapes.
Nour and Rana also perform a romantic song together and then Maria sings as she hides among the papers of an old book ... stunning tableau!
Musab and Zaki perform a beautiful Bedouin inspired song ..

Sukaina is up next and she performs in English; Shine like Diamonds in the Sky by Rihanna, and is like a Angel with those wings ... lovely! I actually loved her performance and her singing was near perfect!

Before the end of the prime, the students send a salute to Egypt and it's great people.

As for the results, the student brought back by the audience voting is Taher from Egypt.
The students must now choose between Jean and Marita ...
And the choice brings back Jean and sends Marita packing! Hard Luck ..

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