Star Academy 9 Prime 1 - LIVE

The most popular and famous talent show in the Arab world has made a comeback!
Tonight, the 1st prime of the 9th season of Star Academy has begun.
16 students from around the Arab world ... will be going through an adventure unlike any other.

Star Academy 9 Prime 1

The show's presenter and host ... the ever so famous and beautiful Hilda Khalifeh is back and she looks as glamorous as Helen of Troy in a Grecian style white gown.

What do you think so far???

As for the new principle and the teachers:
The principle is Claudia Marchalian a writer and actress. She vows to be strict and very serious.

Elissar Caracalla ... Mary Mahfouth ...
Khalil Abu Abed ... Betty Tawtel ...
Hisham Bulous ...

As for the students:

Rana from Egypt
Nour from Syria
Maria from Lebanon
John from Lebanon
Sukaina from Morocco
Zaki from Lebanon
Marita from Lebanon
Issa from Kuwait
Maisa from Tunis
Mahmoud from Egypt
Lilia from Tunis
Taher from Egypt
Zaniab from Morocco
Musaab from Jordan
Minna from Egypt
Abdallah from Saudi Arabia

Star Academy 9 Prime 1 - Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram is the perfect star to kick off the season!
She looks like a princess in a red gown.
Hilda tells her that starting the season with her may bring the show and the students some good luck ... maybe!

The first tableau transformed the stage into a Lebanese "day3a", with the trio John, Nour and Zaki.

Then Lilia and Zainab share their first performance together and do a romantic song by Asmahan, Ya Tuyour.

What do you think so far???

Marita from Lebanon is the first to share the spotlight with tonight's star Nancy Ajram.

Rana and Minna take us to the famous Fishawi Cafe in Cairo with another tableau.

Taher, Maisa and Mahmoud, sing some of the great songs from the golden age ...

Issa and Abdallah perform together Rashed Al Majid's song "Wailo".

Nancy Ajram performs again with Maisa and Zainab.

Now it's time for Musab from Jordan to perform, "Mer3ia" an old Jordanian folkloric song and mixes it up with "3al 3ein Mulaiti".

As for the new Star Academy building, where the students will reside for the next 4 months ... it's a totally new building, Uber cool! Colorful and funky!

As for Sukaina and Maria, they perform through a splash of colors ...
Then Hilda announced the official beginning of the season with the opening doors of the academy building!

Happy Star Academy 9 !!! Enjoy it and keep tuning in to for the latest and greatest of Starac !!!

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