Star Academy 9 Latest Rumors

Hilda Khalifeh

There's nothing official about the 9th season of the popular TV show Star Academy ... and there's no other way of putting it! Everything being said on the internet about the show are nothing but rumors! as long as the LBC and Rula Saad haven't come out and released an official statement regarding the show, then everything is just a load of hot air!

But, never the less, I will be sharing the latest rumors circulating the net with you.

So, rumor has it that the show (if there's a show coming) will start either two days from now on September 7th -which is a tad bit far fetched- or in the beginning of the New Year 2013!

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Some have reports that the concept of the show is going to change and that the upcoming season will solely contain Primes but no actual 24/24 reality TV! They reports claim that the students will spend the duration of the show in Beirut, in a hotel, where they can enjoy the luxuries of a swimming pool and gym and so on!

As for the strongest rumor of them all, concerns Hilda Khalifeh!
It is said that she's actually left LBC and will no longer be working with them on the show.
Instead she's been taken by another network; MBC ... and will be presenting a fashion show under the name "Mena's Next Top Designer" !

So, what do you think?
What other rumors have you heard also?

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