Starac 8 Dailies 73: More from Gilbert & Christine!

Christine is still trying to make Gilbert understand that she is dead serious about putting boundaries between them.
Gilbert has nothing on his mind except Christine and finds it hard to understand the way Chris is dealing with him.
He also tells Chris that it's OK if a relationship starts between them, because he no longer has a girlfriend out there! Is that really true? I wonder ...

Christine and Gilbert are still discussing the matter and Gilbert tries to explain that his girlfriend is his ex now and there's no one out there anymore. Christine tries to explain that if that is true he needs to give himself time to heal and relax and then fall into another relationship. Things shouldn't go this fast.

Layan gets the surprise of her life, when a huge group of her fans arrive at the academy and throw her a parade! With music and flags flying and her photos cried up high, she couldn't believe her eyes!

Layan and Umaima face each other in regards to the statement that said: "Let Layan's mom listen correctly next time" ! Someone told Umaima that Layan badmouthed her behind her back and Layan tells Umaima that's totally not true. after a long argument, Umaima tells Layan that Afram is the one who told her and Layan says: "Afram is a liar".
Later, for some unknown reason, Sarah gets into the middle of the argument as well.

The students get a huge Pizza delivery from Pizza Hut and they dive into it and enjoooooy!

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