Star Academy 8 Prime 7

Star Academy 8 Prime 7

The prime tonight is a unique one, with guests Tony Hannah and Starac's own Joseph Attieh gracing the stage.
The night kicks off with a joint performance from Hannah and Daqdouq.
I specifically liked their performance tonight, Daqdouq did a good job with "Yaba Taba Lah".

Nesma and Gilbert are together in a chilling tableau after the first break! Something out of Phantom of the Opera. Simply beautiful, both the stage decor and their near perfect performance.

Next it's the usual reportage about the nominees.
The three guys are up on stage now and Ahmad starts off with Ragheb's "El Hob El Kebir", then Husam does Diab's "Leli Nahri Ta3ala". Finally Rafe3 does one of Assi Hillani's songs.

Joseph Attieh is up next and he sings "Ya Habib El Gharam" joined by Afram.

After the second break, Karim and Christine are on bikes cycling in the sky!

Abdel Salam and M. Abdallah are up next and they sing "Weni".

Tony Hannah is on stage again, this time singing "7dai Ghazal El 7ai".

After the 3rd break, a group of the students play and sing together. They do "Leili Leili Leil".

Joseph Attieh is up on stage again, this time singing solo.
I really liked the song he sang, but unfortunately, I don't know what it's called!?
If you know, please let me know!

After the break, Nina and Layan are in a tableau together singing Haifa's song "Naughty".

Tony Hannah sings again, this time with Afram and M. Rafe3.

The Top 5 this week are:
5- M. Daqdouq
4- Gilbert
3- Umaima
2- Sarah
1- Afram (He won a trip to Manchester, England and attend a Manchester United football match) Mabroook!

Afram also asks Mme. Rula for an outing for all the students on Sunday to go to Afram's house and have lunch!

Joseph Attieh sings again next! He gets joined by Ahmad and Daqdouq.

After the break, it's time for "El Wardi Gamil" from Umaima and Sarah and Nesma.

As for the results, Ahmad gets the majority of the audience voting and returns to his friends.
As for Husam and Rafe3, the choice is difficult between them!
But the students chose to bring back Husam and let go of M. Rafe3, although it's his first time as a nominee ... Hard luck ya Rafe3!

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