Star Academy 8 Prime 5

Marwan Khoury singing at Star Academy Prime 5

The prime kicked off with the theme song and the dancers sported the flag of England and red uniforms in a salute to England on the special day of the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate.
Then Hilda gets escorted onto the stage with the British flag fluttering behind her!
Very smart! Nice move!

Marwan Khoury is the first guest to grace the stage.
Ahmad and Husam share the spot light with him as they sing "Khidni Ma3ak".

The first tableau, which is something out of 1001 nights, came after the first commercial break.
Sarah, in Turquoise, sang "Ya Lailu". (This song was supposed to be for Umaima, but was given to Sarah instead)

The nominees / Smurfs are up on stage next.
Yasmine begins with "Fever", then Nina sings "Law Bas Fi 3eni".
As for Karim, he sings "Wa7da Wa7da".

Haddaway, the second guest of the night, is up on stage next.
He sings his world famous song "What is Love" and with him Gilbert and Christine.
Wow! This song was so popular back in the early 90's.

After the 2nd break, Sarah is again center stage. She sings an old Umm Kulthoum song.
Then the music suddenly changes and M. Daqdouq takes Sarah's place and sings "3innabi".
Then Nesma takes his place and sings "Bitisaal Leh 3alaia".

This weeks delegate, M. Rafe3, is up on stage.
Is he going to be a delegate for another week? Wait and see!

M. Abdallah and Abdel Salam's turn is up next.
They sing "Kil Ma Ashoufek" by Al Jasmi and Majid Al Muhandes.

Marwan Khoury sings again. This time solo. He sings "Fakart Enseet".

After the 3rd break, Mr. Michelle plays the piano as Nesma accompanies him with her voice. She sings Majda El Roumi's "Ma 7ada Bi 3abi matra7ak Bi Albi".

It's time for this weeks Top 5:
5. Christine
4. M. Rafe3
3. Nesma
2. Gilbert
1. Sarah (She wins $5000 for shopping!) Mabrook!

Haddaway is up again. This time he sings his 2010 hit song "You Gave Me Love" with Husam and Karima.
What do you think of Husam and Karima singing in English?

After the break, it's a multi-colored performance starring M. Rafe3.

Then it was a reportage about Gilbert and his outing to buy a piano and other musical instruments.

Layan and Umaima are up on stage next, and following is Marwan Khoury joined by Afram.

After the break, Gilbert and Christine star in a beautiful carnival-ish tableau.
The duo sing The Gypsy Kings' famous song "Bamboleo".

As for the results, the votes bring back Karim.
As for the students, they bring back Nina. (Karim's vote was the tie breaker)
Hard luck Yasmine!

Do you think the results are fair?

- Star Academy 8 Prime 5 Videos

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