First Prime of LBC Star Academy 8

The season starts with a theme that's very much in sync with the events around the Arab world! Police, cops and "Mukafa7et El Shaghab"!
Hilda is as beautiful as always and she does brighten up the stage, even though she's dressed in black!

This year, the students are presented to the audience immediately and without delay and without being hidden behind any masks!

Here are the names of those 20 that you'll be following for the coming few months:

- Sarah Farah from Syria
- Muhammad Al Qaq from Jordan
- Lamia Jamel from Tunis
- Mohammad Daqdouq from Syria
- Nesma Mahboub from Egypt
- Afram Salameh from Lebanon
- Karima Ghaith from Morocco
- Mohammad Rafe3 from Jordan
- Layan Bazlamit from Palestine
- Karim Kamel from Egypt
- Husam Taha from Syria
- Mina from Lebanon
- Mohammad Abdallah from Saudi Arabia
- Christine Saadeh from Lebanon
- Yasmine Hajjoul from Morocco
- Mohammad Rahmeh from Bahrain
- Umaima Taleb from Tunis (She was a contestant on Future Super Star 5)
- Abdul Salam from Kuwait
- Ahmad Izzat from Egypt
- Gilbert Simone from Lebanon

Among the 20 students this year, there are many who play musical instruments like the piano, the guitar and the 'Oud.

For the first time in 8 years, legendary singer Warda graces the stage of Star Academy!

Tunisian candidate Umaima has the honor of singing the first song of the season with the mega star! They duo sing "Akdeb 3alek".

Next, Nesma and M. Daqdouq sing a song for religion ... a song about the unity between Islam and Christianity.

Layan is up next and she sings Nancy Ajram's song "A3melak Eh".

Gilbert and Yasmine are next with others from their friends, Gilbert and others plays the guitar and Yasmine sings "What's Going on". Then Gilbert sings "Long Train Runnin'" by The Doobie Brothers as the others play the tune.

It's Warda's queue again, this time she sings her famous song "Garab Nar El Ghira".

Karima, M. Al Qaq, Lamia and Afram are up next.
Until this moment, all the voices are impressive!

Karim and Christine have come half way across the world to be in Star Academy!
Karim came from L.A. and Chris came from Canada!
Those two are up next. Chris sings Shakira's "Loca" and Karim sings Enrique Iglesias' Bailamos.

Mohammad Abdallah, Mina, Abdul Salam, Husam, Muhammad Rafe3 and Mohammad Rahmeh are up next.
The group sing together as some of them play the guitar.

Warda is up on stage again and she sings her famous song "Harramt A7ebak".

Sarah from Syria and Ahmad from Egypt are the last two to perform.
Ahmad sings for Egypt "Ya Bladi" and all the contestants join in, each singing for their country.
Then the new generation of Starac students are joined with graduates of past Starac seasons. They all sing "Biktub Ismik Ya Bladi".

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