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LBC Star Academy 7 Prime 7

This is a simple review of the 7th prime, it's not as detailed as you'd like, but it reflects the writers own personal opinion. If you watched the prime, you'd be able to relate to what the writer has posted.

Hilda is the cutest, I love all that energy she gives to Star Academy... she has a great touch, am I right?
Did Ramy Ayach gain a little weight or what? Dude youíre not married now so take it easy! Itís funny when he started singing ďMabroukĒ, the audience started singing along as if they were telling him ďMabrouk.Ē Ramy looked so happy; did you guys see the ring on his right hand?

Itís nice that the students are going to party next Saturday again, they had a blast last time and so did we as viewers, donít you guys agree? Iím glad the students are going to enjoy a day out of the academy, letís hope Rami and Ryan organize a good trip, somewhere nice!

What did you guys think of Asma and Nassifís duet? I wish Zeina was with him instead of Asma, I would love to see a duet between those two love birds, they have great chemistry, and they should definitely give them a romantic song so we could see them perform together for once.

Miral and Mahmoud Shoukri danced while Rania sang and it was cute, i think it was a good move!

I was impressed to see Rahma comfortable singing and she cracked a smile for once! Yey Rahma, Oussama is going to be proud! You can also tell that Tahraís voice improved in this prime, letís hope she keeps it up. Tahra and Mohamad Ali are seriously getting closer, has anyone else noticed that? Or is it just me?

I love that thing Sultan does with his voice, it sounds like a flute, his talent is one of a kind Ö what did you guys think of the band UTN1? Itís nice to see new guests appear on Starac stage. You know every week I wait for the prime to see the guys play the guitar all together and sing; they make such a great team. Basel and Mohamad Ramadanís duet was good but I wish Rahma and Rania joined them on the stage and danced with them, that wouldíve been cool to watch.

What about Miral and Shoukriís duet? Did you guys enjoy it? I did because I love Mahmoudís dancing, heís such a pro but Miralís voice shows more when she sings Whitney Houston songs Ö

It was cool how they show us behind the scenes of every prime, itís adorable how all the contestants get nervous and they get disappointed when they mess up, when they showed us Mehdi, I realized how much he is truly missed in the academy, he is very talented.

The top 5 students were:

2-Mohamad Ramadan

Good for the guys and good for Badria, I liked her gift, the sports machines, now she can eat all the Mayonnaise she wants and exercise to lose the extra weight.

As for the nominees, it was sad to see Rania leave especially that it is her birthday, the audienceís votes were so close this time between the three especially between Rania and Shoukri. Were the votings a shock for you?

Miral couldnít take the pressure she fainted, I hope sheís okay.

By the way did anyone else spot Yahia and Nawal from Perfect Bride 2 in the audience? I did, ah they looked cute!

I think this prime was better than the last one... What did you guys think of the prime this week?

By Nina

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