Photos From Lara's Private Party

Lara and bash at her Private Party

These are photos from Lara's private party to celebrate the launch of her first single "Mission is You" that took place in Cairo on Thursday February 4th, 2010. Not too much information have been given about the party. Only few photos have been released showing some Starac graduates such as Mohamad Bash, Ibrahim Dashti, Mohamad Sirag, Nasser Abu Lafi & Nader Quirat.

We can also tell that Wadi3 Abi Raad & Anis Abi-Khalil (Sout El Dameer) were there too. Jean-Marie Riachi (producer) & Ray Kay (director) joined the party to celebrate their first production with Lara Scandar.

Photos Lara's Private Party

Photos Lara Private Party Cairo

The famous Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe was spotted in the party as well as many other public figures... Ohh, Cupid was there too... A cute tattoo on Lara's shoulder. Cupid is the motif of "Mission is You" website being launched in February, the month of LOVE.

By Nonny

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