Lara Scandar on "Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab"

Lara Scandar on Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab

I woke up this morning in a good mood, turned on the TV and proceeded to making my coffee. Then i heard my favorite song by Lady Gaga called Poker Face being destroyed by a very familiar obnoxious voice. I looked at the TV and it was Lara appearing as a guest on the MBC morning show Sabah Al khair Ya Arab.

She talked about her music career and her new single "Mission is you". She explained that her mom was actually Lebanese but was raised in egypt. She said that her idol was Christina Aguilera, but she dreams of being like beyonce because she has the whole package of being a star.

Ok Lara now you are dreaming way too far, come on! Beyonce?! Listen, i like Lara, i think she is sweet but the poor girl cannot sing. Why is everyone making her believe that she can just because she is filthy rich. She should just enjoy herself and spend daddy's money! And i just dont understand why would she be invited to promote her song when you have way more talented students like Basma, Yahya and Quaider that dont get recognized at all. This is just my opinion people.

By guest writer Mya

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