Dailies 23: What did Bash Tell Lara?

Star Academy dailies 23

So, what was it that M. Bash told Lara in the studio? I want YOU to write down what you heard him say.

The students composed a simple song about their drama teacher Mr. Jaber.
So in Drama class, he asks them to sing it for him.
Then it's time for a touching and emotional exercise, where they all get in touch with their feelings and remember their mothers.
Some students even get tears in their eyes.

In Wadih's class, Naser wants to try singing something other than RAP.
He gets up on stage and tries his luck with one of Assi El Hillani's songs.

It's time for another election campaign for this week's student representative.
Bash has a few suggestions; one person from each party -bom bom tak tak & OK- and another candidate from the students who are not in any party.

Tania is practicing for a song and Michel A. is helping her make it better.
He gives her some advice about her performance and breathing during the performance.

Another deluge of chocolates! It seems Inas has a stash and both Tania and Basma find out and stole a bit! Inas thinks it's the boys who have taken her stash but it's not them!
She makes the rounds and interrogates the rest of the students to find out who opened up her drawer and took the chocolates!
But she hasn't reached the answer yet!

Lara gets another surprise visit, this time from her sister.

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