Rutgers Eric LeGrand Paralyzed After Tackle Accident

Accidents happen in the playing field but thatís alright as long as the injury is only minor. However, what happened to Rutgers defensive lineman Eric LeGrand is not a minor injury unfortunately. He sustained a spine injury that paralyzed him from the neck down.

LeGrand suffered spine injury after colliding with Malcolm Brown of Armyís. All the players were on the action after the kickoff when LeGrandís head sharply bumped against Brownís shoulder; suddenly he just fell to the ground and couldnít get move.

The Rutgers player was rushed to the hospital. Everyone was hoping and praying that his injury wasnít that serious. An emergency surgery was done on him on Saturday night at the Hackensack University Medical Center. On Sunday afternoon, Rutgers University officials released an official statement that LeGrand doesnít have any movement below his neck.

With the kind of injury he sustained, LeGrand will be staying in the hospital for some time.

LeGrandís family thanks everyone who prayed for Eric. Rutgers coach Greg Schiano was there to provide support for his player and he also said that Eric LeGrand is a fighter.

What happened to Eric LeGrand is really unfortunate and itís unknown if he will be able to walk again.

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