Zain Karazon: A Jordanian Wannabe (Photos)

zain karazon photos

It seems the negative fame effect or the curse of being a celebrity hasn’t just ruined Jordanian singer Diana Karazon but it’s also ruined her sister!
Zain Karazon made it to the controversial online magazine Aljaras this week for the way she dresses, puts on makeup and for those Aqua/ blue contact lenses … briefly, for her disastrous and shocking look!

A few weeks ago, Diana Karazon was the guest of Labes, a popular TV show that airs on Tunisian TV AlHiwar AlTunisi. Diana’s look and the way she talks and behaves was an embarrassment to herself, to her family and most of all to the Jordanian people!

Check out Zain Karazon Photos: