Tony and Fadi Make Big Bucks!

Tony Khalifeh and Fadi Raaydeh

Both Tony Khalifeh and Fadi Raaydeh work at “Al Jadid” TV Channel. Tony’s show is called “Lel Nasher” and airs every Saturday night and this show only airs for one hour but Tony gets paid $10,000 per month whether the show aired or not!

That’s not it guys, hold your breath for a second, every time Tony renews his contract with “Al Jadid” he gets paid $100,000! Wow! But then again Tony has been in this business so he deserves the money! Don’t you agree?!

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The Richest Arabs for 2009

Alwaleed bin Talal

Do you want to know who the richest Arabs for 2009 are? The one who tops the list is none other than Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal! Despite the recession going on around the world, he managed to increase his wealth by up to $1 billion just this year. Based on the records, his wealth in 2008 only amounted to $17.1 billion, so his wealth now amounts to $18 billion. All of his wealth is generated from Kingdom Holding Co, and his other Riyadh-based companies.

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Bill Gates is Back as the No. 1 Richest Man in the World

Its rejoicing time for Bill Gates! He’s back to the NUMBER ONE spot of the richest men in the world! He is the riches man with $48 billion to his name. Last year he was only on the third spot with his $58 billion wealth. He can thank, maybe not, the financial meltdown that’s happening because this is the main reason why he’s on the top spot again. According to reports, the financial crisis wiped out $2 trillion from the wealth of all billionaires. Last year’s No.1 Warren Buffet is now only on the second spot with $37 billion. Last year he was worth $62 billion. Taking up third place of the richest men in the world is Mexican telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim with $35 billion.

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Microsoft Gets Largest Percentage of Time Spent Online

Microsoft on the top online

Do you have any idea which company dominates the web it comes to online statistics? Is it really Facebook or Google? If that is what you think, you are misled. According to recent figures from comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, Microsoft is the true winner. Microsoft has captured 15% of the time spent online in September alone. This percentage is based on a global scale. 15% is equivalent to 3.9billion hours. Out of the total 27 billion hours spent online, this figure is already very substantial.

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Internet Nearly 500 Billion GB and Expected to Double

Do you ever wonder how much data is present in the World Wide Web? Maybe you’ll be shocked to know that its 487 billion gigabytes, nearly 500 billion GB. That’s a lot, right?! Imagine having a 19 billion pieces of fully-loaded Blu-ray DVDs, that how big Internet data is today. Another comparison that would make you visualize are printed and bound books stacked from the Earth to Pluto. And think of that stack stretching 10 times. And that doesn’t stop there. As more and more people takes an interest in the Internet, this amount of data is still expected to grow double every 18 months, that’s according to a study done by research consultancy IDC and sponsor EMC.

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Britney Spears No. 1 Again in Yahoo Search List for 2008

What have you been keying in on the Yahoo search? For sure celebrities is one of them; Britney Spears perhaps? If that is so, you helped in making her No. 1 on Yahoo’s list of top 10 overall searches! 2008 is a great year for Britney. As we have observed she’s making a huge progress and the change in her is just great so, it’s natural for people to be interested in knowing what the latest about her is. FYI, she’s been Yahoo’s No. 1 for seven years now.

Next to Britney is WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) which has been on the No. 2 spot for three years in a row. No. 3 placer is new President-elect Barack Obama. It’s really interesting to see that from being a relative new comer on the national scene, he became the new president-elect. Taker of No. 4 spot is Miley Cyrus. She’s a new entry to the Yahoo list. No. 5 is the multi-player role-playing game RuneScape.

Here’s the rest of Yahoo’s top 10 list:

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5 hours Internet Surfing in Saudi!

Everything is good in moderation, especially the internet! I mean had it not been for the internet you could not be reading this article. But in all honesty 5 hours a day spent online is a bit of a waste! You may be wondering who exactly spends such excessive time on the internet. Well the answer is 38% of the Saudi Arabian population according to a recent study!

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Earth Population, 7 billion in 2012!

Its hard to think that people go on reproducing without actually realizing what the implications of this is! According to specialists the population of the Earth will hit 7 billion by 2012! That is only four years from now! And what is worrying about this all is that this increase in population comes at a time when we have not discovered a way of growing sustainably. What this means is we are going to be increasing the pressure on our already fragile planet by nearly a billion in four years!

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Facebook Surpasses MySpace’s Popularity

If you are an internet addict, you’re probably aware that two of the closely competing networking sites are Facebook and MySpace. And maybe you are wondering which of them is the most popular. The latest survey done by metrics firm ComScore show that Facebook’s popularity has surpassed MySpace. For the month of May, Facebook had 123.9 million unique visitors while MySpace only had 114.6. Moreover, Facebook had more page views than MySpace. The former had 50.6 billion while the latter had 45.6 billion only.

Back in April Facebook went ahead of MySpace by only a hair’s breadth. Unfortunately, MySpace was not able to recover. Maybe it will be downhill for them from now on. What do you think?

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Egypt: ADSL Sharers!

If you have ever been to Egypt you will have been stunned by the sheer number of people who have Broadband which is quite an expensive service everywhere! However, we Egyptians are caring beings and believe in loving our neighbours so households share internet connections and split the cost. This socially acceptable ‘fad’ was recently proven by the ‘Egypt Households Telecoms and Media Survey Report 2008'. The survey basically showed that nearly 1 million households in Egypt have access to ADSL which is great news for a somewhat ‘developing company’.

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