Woman in Hijab Breaks Barriers and Covers Woman’s Running Magazine

Rahaf Khatib is the first Muslim woman to be featured on the cover page of a magazine!


It’s time magazines break from the clutches of the traditional cover-photos and feature real women, with real power. Living up the new trend is Women’s Running magazine, a U.S. fitness magazine that features Rahaf Khatib, a Muslim woman who wears a hijab, on their October cover.

Rahaf Khatib, a runner from Farmington Hills, Michigan and founder of Run like a Hijabi, posed for the cover as part of the magazine’s feature story on women changing the sport. Khatib learnt about her passion for the sport in 2012 when she competed in the races that took place in the Detroit area. While she noticed that there were just handfuls Hijabis on the race course, she created her Instagram account to encourage other Muslim women who might feel self-conscious about running in a hijab.

Rahaf’s passion for the sport has taken her to races around the world, from Paris to Berlin and helped her participate in half-marathons, marathons and more. With an aim to encourage Muslim sisters to break the stereotypes and live their dreams, Khatib is certainly a huge source of inspiration to all fitness enthusiasts.

A mum to three kids, Rahaf is extremely proud of being featured on the cover of Women’s Running magazine. She believes her fame is not short-lived, but will also be a great example to for her children in the future. While Rahaf is changing the outlook for women in fitness, we must say that Women’s running magazine is certainly a differentiator from its league – featuring women of every race, size and religion!