Two Sides of the Same World: A Puppy Beats Death with a Miraculous Recovery

The good gets the better of evil!

Puppy Beats Death

While one boils and throws a pup out of a balcony, another rescues and saves the same pup. This is nothing, but a true example that no matter how dirty things may be, a little goodness and compassion can definitely lead to miracles!

A recent incident reported that a six-week cross-terrier puppy that was boiled and thrown off a four-storey balcony has been nursed back to health in a ‘miracle’ recovery. Tuffy the pup was subject to this cruel punishment by his owner for having chewed his mobile phone in southwest China’s Chengdu province.

However, just right at that time, an angel disguised as a kind woman spotted the distressed pup and rushed him to a vet for immediate treatment. Tuffy’s body was burnt badly and had severe blisters all over. The dog was bandaged and kept under close observation for months. While the dog took months to heal, finally, it survived death. Wicked as it sounds, we wonder is this what the human race has been up to.