That’s a Goal! Heinz Scores with its New Super Bowl Commercial

Anyone for adorable hot hounds?

heinz commercial super bowl 2016

With age, commercials have explored different routes to grab the attention of the audience. And anything that is simply adorable, tear-jerking or entertaining is always welcome. Heinz’s latest commercial is spot on!

The company has unveiled its 2016 Super Bowl spot from creative shop David in Miami. The ad features a bunch of adorable weiner dogs dressed in hot dog costumes scuttling to a family dressed in Heinz condiment costumes.

The humorous ad is part of ‘MeetTheKetchups’ campaign. While Heinz is a popular ketchup brand, there are millions uninformed about its other delicious offerings. The commercial is an attempt to reach out to a mass audience and introduce them to Heinz condiments including Heinz ketchup, mustard and a new BBQ sauce.

heinz commercial

Heinz is launching this campaign during Super Bowl to ensure that everyone knows that Heinz is not just a family of ketchup, but alternative great taste too. Worry not Heinz! The cute commercial is a definite grabber!

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