Why Are People Obsessed with Casino Bonuses?


Most people wouldn’t dream about signing up to an online casino without the added incentive of a casino bonus. These bonuses come in the form of matching amounts to your deposit when signing up, or various promotions when you have become an existing player. Casino players love them; often choosing their preferred online casino on the strength of the bonus offers alone. But what’s so special about casino bonuses? What value do they offer players? And are they worth the bother? Some of the different types of casino bonus offers and their benefits are outlined below:

Welcome Bonus usually the big draw for casino players

The most eye-catching bonus is normally the Welcome Bonus or Sign up Offer – this is the one that gets you ‘in the door’. Some of the bonus offers are very generous, potentially doubling your initial deposit amount. The idea is that you are provided with enough back up funds to explore the site, enjoy the games and, hopefully, want to come back for more. Normally you can use your bonus to play – and rack up the wins – on any type of casino game on the site. The best online casinos will have a huge choice of games to offer you. Obviously, there must be some sort of caveat; the casino cannot just give you free money, so there is normally a wagering requirement (a number of times the total amount must be wagered) before you can withdraw your winnings. In practice, these requirements vary. However, with the right online casino choice the wagering requirements are very manageable.

Casino Bonus offers can just keep coming if you are smart about it

Superior online casinos keep the bonus offers rolling in long after you have signed. Some offer a Second Deposit Bonus, i.e. a similar incentive to the Welcome Bonus with your second deposit. Other incentives include: free spins (to try the slot games with no risk), deposit method bonuses (some casinos offer an extra 10-15% bonus cash for every deposit made depending on the method used), loyalty schemes (earning credit for playing) and bonus cash for referring a friend. The key is to be smart about your choice; clearly, choosing a casino that will continue to reward you as you play is in your best interests.

Numerous ways to put your bonus cash to work

There are lots of advantages to using an online casino bonus:
• You are not necessarily using your own money.
• You can explore all the different casino games risk free.
• You have more chances to win a big jackpot.
• You could develop winning strategies for casino games like blackjack.

It is in the end not surprising that players are so obsessed with casino bonuses. The industry itself is highly competitive, and the online casino operators know that they must keep coming up with incentives to keep players happy. In that sense, it is a good time to join an online casino for the first time, or perhaps switch from your existing one to a new one. The bonuses are bigger than ever, and if you clever about it, you could make those bonuses work for you.