Muhammad Ali: He Lived, He Died, He Lives on

Muhammad Ali Clay

Some people pass away, but they will live on forever in our hearts and in our memories … Muhammad Ali Clay is such a person.

Ali, 74, passed away today after a long battle with Parkinson disease.

Ali was greater than a legend can be .. he was an idol, a symbol, a source of pride to many and was surely America’s first Muslim hero.

For those who don’t know, Ali was born Cassius Clay joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name. He converted to Islam in 1975, and retired from boxing permanently in 1981.

People from all over the world reacted to and mourned Ali’s death, tweeting about it and posting statuses all over social media.

I like two statements in particular; one from the King of Jordan, where he wrote on Facebook: “Muhammed Ali Clay was the hero of a generation and a legend of our time. He fought hard, not only in the ring, but in life for his fellow citizens and for civil rights. The world has lost today a great unifying champion whose punches transcended borders and nations.”


In the photo above, Muhammad Ali Clay is seen shaking hands with the King of Jordan, the late King Hussein.

The second comes from Bollywood celebrity Shah Rukh Khan, where he tweeted: “So he no longer inhabits a place too small for his mind, too slow for his feet, too unclean for his perhaps better. He dies unbeaten.”

Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali Clay …