Master the Art of Music at Hans Zimmer MasterClass

Music takes a leap, functions through the internet!

Hans Zimmer MasterClass

While a MasterCard gives you the power to purchase, a MasterClass empowers you to compose. Hans Zimmer, the iconic film composer will soon spearhead an internet course in writing music for movies through his start-up venture MasterClass.

Zimmer will offer aspiring filmmakers and musicians how to use music to tell a story. The course will provide insights on musical composition covering topics as how to create new sound palettes, establish a tempo, score to dialogue and picture and use sound to tell a story. While pre-enrolment for Zimmer’s class will start soon, the class will cost only $90 including more than 30 exclusive video lessons.

In an effort to encourage bold ideas, MasterClass will serve as a platform for anyone who wants to make music with a basic computer or phone. The rest is just technicalities.

Hans Zimmer is well known for his soundtracks in more than 150 films including “The Lion King” — for which he won an Academy Award — as well as “Gladiator,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “The Dark Knight,” “Inception” and “Interstellar.”