Jordanian YouTube Multi Channel Network Kharabeesh to Participate at Mobile World Congress Shanghai


If you can handle sugar and salt together, then Kharabeesh is your destination of choice! Established in 2008, Kharabeesh is a media and entertainment network, which took an initiative to boost and expand youth-oriented Arabic e-content, by creating outstanding, funny, edgy and innovative video shows that are designed to tackle social and political issues.

Participating at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai this year that will run from June 29th to July 1st, Kharabeesh is one of the privileged Jordanian startups that has been selected to represent the nation. Zain Jordan along with Manaseer Group and Intaj have partnered together to make the Jordan Pavilion in MWC Shanghai 2016 possible. For the first time in the Mobile World Congress, there will be a Jordan Pavilion with 9 Jordanian Startups present.

As Arabic is one of the fastest growing languages on the Internet, Kharabeesh has managed to become the biggest and the most popular Arabic speaking network on YouTube, by owning and managing around 100 channels. Its brilliant script-writing and animation team is supported by certified YouTube professional experts that handle all aspects of publishing the videos online according to the highest standards and based on copyrights regulations.
Creating artistic videos with high sense of humor, Kharabeesh is dedicated to catch the pulse of the people of the Arab World, to express their despairs, frustrations, aspirations and hopes. With plans to commence operation in KSA, Egypt and NA, Kharabeesh aims to increase the pool of Arabic digital talent and build its own digital platform.

With 60 million views per month on YouTube, Kharabeesh’s participation at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai is a definite step revolutionize the era of video content! The Mobile World Congress is Asia’s biggest mobile industry event – where thousands of visionary leaders and tech-savvy consumers gather to experience a connected life.