Jordanian Boxer to Compete at Rio 2016 Quarterfinals

Boxer Hussein Ishaiash is the first Jordanian boxer to make the last eight at Olympic Games!

Jordanian Boxer Hussein Ishaiash

It was a proud moment for Jordan when Boxer Hussein Ishaiash won an engrossing fight to book a spot in the Olympic quarterfinals of the super heavyweight division at Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The Jordanian boxer beat Romanian Mihal Nistor to become the first Jordanian boxer to make the last eight at Olympic Games.

Ishaiash, who is considered fairly small for the +91kg division, reformed his modus operandi fabulously against the highly regarded 25-year-old Mihal Nistor, who’s been fighting professionally for past two years. Mihal has also won bronze at the European Championships last year.

Both fighters opened up to a fabulous performance, trading blows. However, the judges declared Hussein as the winner in the first and second round. Round three also witnessed some incredible valor from Hussein as he stood up to some brutal attacks from the Romanian fighter. While Nistor was declared the winner of round three, Hussein won the match with two rounds to one.

Ishaiash will now face World No. 1 Tony Yoka in the quarter-finals on Tuesday. Here’s wishing the skilled boxer good-luck!

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