Jordan to Set Up a Pavilion at Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017

18 Jordanian companies will participate in Mobile World Congress.

Jordan at MWC Barcelona 2017

The Information and Communication Technology Association “Int@j” announced the launch of the first Jordanian pavilion at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, in cooperation with Zain Jordan and Manaseer Group. To be held from 27 February to 2 March 2017, the Mobile World Congress will witness participation from 100 decision makers and leaders of the telecommunications sector around the world, over 5,000 CEOs and more than 3,500 international media and industry analysts from over 200 countries.

The announcement was made at a press conference held recently at Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC), where Intaj board of directors’ member, Fadi Qutaishat, announced that the pavilion will be funded by Zain Jordan, the Manaseer Group, USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP), the Jordan Tourism Board, Qattous Group and Luminus Group.

“The aim in launching this pavilion is to provide an opportunity for Jordanian entrepreneurs and ventures owners to participate in the conference by offering their services and introduce their entrepreneurial companies as well as accessing mobile operators and smart software latest innovations.” said Ahmad Hanandeh, CEO of Zain Jordan.

In addition, the Mobile World Congress will serve as a forum for the aspiring entrepreneurs to view the latest developments in the telecommunications sector, information and cellular applications and help them connect and network with the decision makers of the industry. Over the past few years, Jordan has witnessed an exponential growth of entrepreneurs. To support this spirit, that will positively reflect on the economy, the Jordanian pavilion at Barcelona MWC will give startups founders and entrepreneurs an opportunity to gain insights about the industry and enhance their businesses.

The participants for the MWC were selected on the type of business model, team work, target market business, products or services they provide and scalability of their business in the market. 18 Jordanian companies will participate in Mobile World Congress, including Globitel, MenaITech, Tamatem, Beelabs, Eskadenia Software, Snackable News, Audiogram, Bilforon, Repzo, Mind Rockets, Abjjad and many more. In addition, Jordan Tourism Board will be participating to spread the word about Jordan through a careful strategy that they put, positioning Jordan not only as a destination for travel for pleasure but also as a hub for business and hosting conferences.

Here’s wishing good-luck to Jordan and all the participants!