Jordan Innovation Conference Encouraged Youth Entrepreneurship

The conference was an effort to foster and develop young minds!

ebtekarthon salehlee team

Jordan has come a long way in providing students and young professionals an opportunity to launch themselves into the business world. The Youth Innovation Conference (Ebtekarthon), held in the Dead Sea’s Crowne Plaza Hotel was one such attempt to promote the young entrepreneurial community in the region. Aimed at encouraging talented young people to develop and build upon their ideas and creations, The Youth Innovation Conference (Ebtekarthon), a 3-day conference was run by UNICEF, the Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) and the Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre (with funding from the EU).

Featuring young participants and innovators from every governorate in the kingdom alongside guest participants visiting from Palestine, Syria and Oman, the conference was an extremely productive forum for budding entrepreneurs to connect, share and learn from each other’s experience. To nurture the domestic entrepreneurial spirit in Jordan and catalyze the development and growth of a key sector of the economy, The Youth Innovation Conference (Ebtekarthon) provided help to the young minds at the conference with some of Jordan’s talented trainers and coaches in the fields of filmmaking, social media, pitching, photography, robotics and hologram technology.

Zain 079 Robot

The conference opened with a fun and fascinating cameo from Zain 079, a fully functional robot created by Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC). The event further progressed with Mohammad Albattikhi, an entrepreneur, a consultant and a trainer, who spoke on how to develop and build on a social innovation idea, and who was also a judge.

Ziad Barouni, an entrepreneur of two socially innovative websites and a pitch coach, trained young students on how to develop, build and pitch ideas to promote business entrepreneurial activity. Ziad was also a member of the judge’s panel to select the best projects which were presented on the final day of the conference. In addition, Ehab Othman, a documentary and underwater photographer who has created a photo collective agency was also present at the event through which he gave an insightful session about photography. Ehab explores and documents stories of people, culture and nature around the world.

judging panel

Ezz Aldin Manasra, a fifth year student majoring in Mechanical Engineering was also one of the members supporting the young entrepreneurs at the conference. Mansara is a senior trainer in Bright Engineers, specialized in mechanical design and programming of micro-controllers and robots. In addition, Mohammad J. Jaradat an expert in multi-media and film industry, who holds an experience of more than 10 years working with various forms of media, was also present at the conference to share and facilitate knowledge. Last, but not the least, the conference also witnessed the presence of Mustafa Ghalayini, a founding partner of a domestic agency for digital marketing. Ghalayini served as a speaker, a judge and a catalyst for youth empowerment at the conference.

The conference provided a valuable opportunity for all the young entrepreneurs to meet and interact with key entrepreneurs and explore potential collaboration and partnership, the winners projects at the conference were Salehlee, Learnogram and on third place, ‎JoBuilders‬.

The forward-thinking and vibrant nature of the conference and its bright participants is a testament to Jordan’s upswing, and conferences like these will help to inspire and empower a new generation of digital and socially conscious innovators.