How Cute is Princess Charlotte?


I have an 11-month-old baby girl, and nearly everything she does seems to be cute and fantabulous!
Seeing the two new photos of 6-month-old Princess Charlotte, which were posted on the Kensington Palace Twitter account, made me realize that Prince William and Kate are just like me, I am sure they run to get the camera when little Charlotte claps, sneezes, tries to play with her toe, and when she does anything normal!
The two photos are absolutely heart-warming. They immediately drew a smile on my face.

Princess Charlotte

Those wide-open eyes and the sparkle in them and that little hand holding her foot.
The way she laughed and squinted her eyes at the stuffed toy. She must have been shrieking when the photo was snapped.
To make a long story short, those photos are sure to have brightened up the day of everyone who saw them.
So, how cute is this little princess? I would score her a big fat 10/10 !