From Barbie to Hijarbie!


It was 28 years ago, in Corvallis, Oregon that I was introduced to Barbie.

Barbie, the slender-figured blonde beauty, that’s always in style.

Now, things are different and there’s been a huge transformation in this gal; now she comes in different skin colors and with a more curvaceous figure.

But, there’s still one thing missing; Barbie hasn’t tried on the Hijab yet! And that’s why Nigerian Pharmacist Haneefa Adam decided to give Barbie a total make-over and style her in the Hijab and modest styles.


Haneefa opened up an Intagram account especially for Hijarbie, and posts photos of her wearing colorful headscarves, Abayas and long flowing colorful dresses.

Getting lots of positive feedback, Haneefa is thinking about posting photos of a black barbie dressed in the Hijab soon.

What do you think?