Friendture is the New Revolution for Group Plans

The app is perfect for like-minded individuals that enjoy same interests!

Friendture Rola Fayyad

We’ve all gone through the horrendous nightmare of planning an event with friends. From creating groups to planning the itinerary; the modus-operandi has always been awfully ugly! To put a halt to these long, one-sided notifications, Rola Fayyad a 28-year-old Jordanian has finally come up with a solution called Friendture. Rola Fayyad also serves as a founding member and mentor for Girls in Tech-Jordan Chapter, which focuses on women empowerment in the technology sector.

Friendture is a fun social app that allows you to create and manage your social activities with family and friends in one central location. Designed to offer a one-stop hub where friends can create, invite and manage group activities upon shared interests, the app will be launched by the end of this year. Fayyad hopes Friendture will disrupt everyday relationships creating niche communities of like-minded friends that cultivate and enjoy similar passions – all in one click.

So say goodbye to one-side conversations and say hello to fun! After all, you don’t have to be an event planner to plan an event! With Friendture, you can plan your next adventure, anywhere, anytime with anyone!

Friendture has just closed their first seed investment from Oasis 500.