Donald Trump Declares the Reasons for Not Forgiving Muslims

The celebrity businessman makes another imprudent statement!

Donald Trump Muslims Jesus Murder

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has another gimmick up his sleeve to capture the attention of United States. The property mogul has now openly declared his reasons for not forgiving Muslims.

In a statement made to the press, the billionaire businessman declared that he wasn’t fond of Muslims because they nailed Jesus to the cross. And the only reason other potential candidates didn’t speak about it was their desire to be politically correct!

However, the business tycoon speaks his heart out and doesn’t care about anything! How true! He truly doesn’t care about anyone and anything. This might sound funny to some, but let’s be honest, Donald Trump is no more the funny guy. He’s getting downright dangerous!

It’s about time Americans realize the implications of having a President who doesn’t care, unless they’re looking for a hate preacher to govern them. Also, wasn’t it Trump who issued an official statement stating that Muslims hate America. Well! Mr. Donald, you need to tell us who hates whom!